[SIP Beyond VoIP] Compiling issues with sipsimple (Dan Pascu)

Gurjeet Clair gurjeet.clair at newpace.com
Mon Nov 20 13:54:17 CET 2017

This wasn't the only fix, I had to install the libv4l-devel via yum (This was all on Centos 7) to get the compile to complete. After the fact I also had to make sure gmp-devel, mpfr-devel, libmpc-devel were all installed in order to get the pip modules python-otr, python-gmpy2 and service_identity in as well. After that I was able to get a simple chat session going via sip-session.

Does this package only handle simple mode or are there plans to add CPM Universal Profile (RCS) capabilities to the package?


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> It's possible that you have the development version of libyuv installed and
> configure finds it and tries to build against it. I never had that (debian doesn't
> even provide a libyuv package at all), so I never ran into this.
> I'll add the --disable-libyuv. Did this fix it for you, or did you run into other
> issues?
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> Dan
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