[SIP Beyond VoIP] Compiling issues with sipsimple (Dan Pascu)

Dan Pascu dan at ag-projects.com
Sat Nov 18 12:24:16 CET 2017

On 17 Nov 2017, at 19:02, Gurjeet Clair wrote:

> Even though its not needed it's still in there and I'm thinking that maybe the --disable-yuv wasn't passed to autoconfig.
> I'm reasonably sure I'm building against the source that’s included since I haven't altered the darcs directory at all. From the looks of config.log in the build area that’s setup, its looking at the right version as well.
> So I altered "setup_pjsip.py" to explicitly exclude yuv, and made sure I had the video4linux devel environment installed and it at least compiles this time😊 

It's possible that you have the development version of libyuv installed and configure finds it and tries to build against it. I never had that (debian doesn't even provide a libyuv package at all), so I never ran into this.

I'll add the --disable-libyuv. Did this fix it for you, or did you run into other issues?

> ----
>  else:
>            cmd = ["./configure"]
>        cmd.extend(["--disable-g7221-codec","--disable-libyuv"])
>        ffmpeg_path = env.get("SIPSIMPLE_FFMPEG_PATH", None)
> --


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