[Blink] Support for ubuntu yakkety

Dan Pascu dan at ag-projects.com
Wed Feb 8 12:14:06 CET 2017

On 6 Feb 2017, at 22:36, Sergio Callegari wrote:

> Hi, thanks for blink.
>    after an upgrade to Ubuntu Yakkety, I see that blink seems (still) unsupported on this platform, notwithstanding the dedicated repository at http://ag-projects.com/ubuntu
>    Specifically, the blink package itself seems to be missing from the archive (same goes for zeisty). At the same time, the blink package for ubuntu xenial cannot be used on yakkety, due to a PyQt4 component (qtwebkit) that has been dropped as insecure.
>    I wonder if it's me missing something or if work is in progress in bringing blink to Yakkety (which I understand requires packaging a Qt5 version of blink). In the latter case, is there any forecast for the software arrival?

Blink is already supported on the latest debian/ubuntu, we just didn't get to package it for them as we run into a few roadblocks:

1. Google contacts is unusable because Google has an insanely low daily application quota on their new contacts API and we haven't gotten a reply from them on the issue we opened on it after almost 2 months, even though they said it would take 2 weeks to get a reply.

2. libxml2 in debian/ubuntu is broken since May 2016 and everything that uses xml in blink/sipsimple (contacts, presence, ...) doesn't work anymore. To make matters worse, libxml2 releases happen more than a year apart and a bug report opened on the debian libxml2 package in june-july 2016 has not received any answer from the debian developer to date. Combine that with the slow libxml2 release cycle and we have no idea when this thing will be fixed.

That being said, you can build the package yourself if you want. Just fetch the latest darcs repository from


and follow the instructions in this link (you might need to install the build dependencies specified in debian/control first):



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