[Blink] Problems being transferred

Jeff Pyle jeff.pyle at fidelityvoice.com
Wed Jan 13 18:57:29 CET 2016


A colleague of mine is experiencing a problem in Blink Pro when an auto
attendant (FreeSWITCH) sends him a REFER to a conference bridge room.  I
cannot reproduce the problem on my system.  Screenshots and debugs attached.

He dials 0549 to connect to the auto attendant, enters a PIN via DTMF, then
the AA sends a REFER to point him to the correct conference room on a
different server.  Blink reports the transfer as having succeeded (image
#1), and the original call disappears from Blink (image #2).  Even though
there is an audio session with the conference bridge, the timer never
starts.  He hangs up the calls (image #3), but it never disappears from the
screen.  He calls a different extension 4106 (image #4), cancels it, but
the disconnect conference call is still on the screen (image #5).

- Jeff
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