[Blink] Intermittent broken audio during beginning of call

Jeff Pyle jeff.pyle at fidelityvoice.com
Wed Jan 13 18:48:05 CET 2016


I sometimes experience broken/choppy/ugly audio in both directions during
the first part of a call.  By 15 seconds into it, the audio has cleared up
and all is well.  It's not a network issue -- I did a capture and verified
all the RTP is present on both ends.  It seems more like an audio device or
driver issue to me.  I've used a Sennheiser USB headset for years with many
soft clients, including Blink, and not experienced this problem until
recently.  This problem only occurs with Blink as best I can tell.

I have both the input and output device set to the Sennheiser USB Headset
device.  Alert device is System Default.  Echo cancellation is disabled.

I realize I have very little actual data here.  I'm curious if this
situation sounds familiar to someone.  I'm not sure how to proceed to
diagnose it further.

- Jeff
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