[Blink] Request time-out (408) on every conceivable way of connecting to our corporate SIP server

Matthew Yankelovich matt at myankelovich.com
Thu Oct 2 22:17:40 CEST 2014

I have used the free version of this on Windows in the past and had no trouble logging in to our corporate SIP server (sip.exadel.com). However, I cannot get connected with the paid version of this app for OSX. I always get a ‘request time-out (408)’ no matter how I try to connect.

My username is myankelovich on this server and the address is sip.exadel.com.

When I try to create the account, I’ve used myankelovich at sip.exadel.com, or my mailbox ID of 1566 at sip.exadel.com. 

Nothing work. Can you guys offer any support to me by any chance? I tried to request a refund because of this, but I guess it wasn’t processed by the App Store, so I’d like to get this working now that I shelled out this kind of money. 

And yes, I double-checked my credentials with our system admin, and he can’t understand why I’m not able to connect either.


Here’s a screenshot of my issue: 

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