[Blink] unusual intermittent double-ringtone problem

Jeremy Hall jubilantjeremy+blinklist at gmail.com
Fri Mar 23 06:31:22 CET 2012


Some of our users (FreePBX) are occasionally experiencing double ringtones
during calls. Two ringtones are heard while the call is
dialling/connecting, and then when the other end picks up, one ringtone
continues through the call. Apparently the other end can hear it, though
noone ever mentions it; they must think it's their phone system!

Here is a .WAV recording (about 1MB) in which the persisting ringtone
problem can be heard about 11 seconds in (the voice that can be heard is
the call recipient's IVR):

- This problem is only happening intermittently and I can't reproduce it
- It's happening to at least two users (possibly more, but they don't have
a high call volume so haven't seen it)
- If the users keep redialling the number, eventually (after a few goes)
they will get through without the second ringtone
- We haven't noticed any pattern to this (network load, call load etc)

Any ideas on where the issue might be, and how to troubleshoot/eliminate it?

We are using the Blink 0.2.7 Win client.

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