[Blink] Connecting to a Landline conference call

Byron Cochrane cochranes4 at eml.cc
Mon May 16 04:19:22 CEST 2011


I recently installed Blink with an SIP2SIP account. It works great and
the quality is very good.

I have run into a couple of problems that I hope someone has some
solutions to.

Most important for my situation is I seem to be unable to join in on a
landline based conference call. I live in New Zealand and have a weekly
business meet in Australia that I join via conference line. I usually
use Skype, a landline or sometimes a cell connection to participate.
This week I thought I would try my new Blink soft phone. But I could not
connect. It gave me the message "Call locked by another call in
progess". Of there is another call in progress - it is a conference
line. Can anyone help me out here?

Also, I usually am on a VPN when I attend these meetings. But when I
join the VPN, Blink no longer can connect to anything. I assume this is
due to settings on the VPN network. If so, what needs to be changed on
the VPN network to allow these calls through?

  Byron Cochrane
  cochranes4 at eml.cc

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