[Blink] New Blink release 0.19.0

Adrian Georgescu ag at ag-projects.com
Thu Jun 24 09:54:49 CEST 2010


Blink 0.19.0 is out with many bug fixes and improvements.

Version 0.19.0
June 24th, 2010

Added support for MSRP Alternative Connection Model (ACM)
Enhance iTunes pause/resume behavior with chat streams
Do not propose the bonjour group when adding contacts
Avoid printing stream failure reason twice in chat window
Improved resilience against provisioning of broken TLS certificates
Fixed contact icon deletion
Fixed handling stream renegotiation in Chat Controller
Fixed escape of # sign for URLs in Chat window
Fixed deletion of STUN servers from the list
Change column header from Hostname to IP address for STUN server list
Fixed race when NAT type detection is initiated before SIPApplication starts
Fixed ICE proposal detection when ICE attributes are set at session level
Fixed handling of the case when no ICE candidates were chosen
Added NAT detector to SIPApplication object
Only accept IP addresses for the STUN server list
Remove notifications sent when stream ended while starting/initializing
Fixed use of the Reason header for determining call disconnect reason
Fixed handling of audio stream added to conference
Generate notification when Session ended while stream was starting/initalizing
Fixed starting of recording on AudioStream while on session is on hold
Moved MSRP transport settings to the account level
Fixed MSRP transport used for contacting the MSRP relay
Fixed error message in SIPProxyAddress configuration data type
Modified DNSLookup to not timeout completely if NS queries fail
Hide Route header when sending requests out
Fixed adding/removing ports on a bridge after stop was called
Improved hold/unhold cascading in Session
Rework ChatController notification handling
Improved NAT detector
Synced code with SIP SIMPLE client SDK 0.15.0 release



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