[Blink] GUI: New Audio Device - remember decision

Mathias Leppich mleppich at muhqu.de
Tue Jun 29 11:45:32 CEST 2010


I'm using an USB Headset. While it's nice that Blink detects a 'new audio device' and offers to switch to it, when I connect the headset, it's kinda annoying that the dialog disappears after some (short) timeout. It would be better to offer some checkbox like "remember my decision" and automatically switch to a new device. 

Some more notes on my setup: I'm running MacOS X 10.6.4 on a Macbook Pro. Logitech USB Headset is plugged along with mouse+keyboard in a USB Hub that stays on desk. So when I connect the USB Hub to my macbook it first gives me the wakeup / login screen. etc... So the timeout for the "new audio device" is invisible until I login in, and will dis disappear if I'm not fast enough. 

Anyway, by far best SIP client! ;-)

- Mathias Leppich

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