[SIP Beyond VoIP] New Sylk mobile client release for iOS and Android (r.61)

Adrian Georgescu ag at ag-projects.com
Sat Nov 21 14:31:56 CET 2020

There is a new release of Sylk mobile client for Android and iOS.

To install or update Sylk client on your mobile device see the links from:



Release 61

 * Fixed waking up from OS dialer
 * Fixed Call id when starting conference from the system
 * Fixed handling incoming calls from OS and preserve media type
 * Fixed call state check for incoming calls
 * Fixed revert speakerphone state
 * Fix for edit conference modal
 * CallKeep fixes for Android
 * Fixed CallKeep didDeactivateAudioSession
 * Fixed propagating media type
 * Display call reject cause
 * Improve inviting participants at a later time
 * Improve display of call and conference statistics
 * Remove dead participants from conference view
 * Fixed display of packet loss
 * Propagate display name from favorites
 * Close call in one more corner case
 * Print media type in waiting for media line
 * Fixed answering new call while in a call
 * Make sure between calls vibration is always cancelled
 * Trim username and password strings in sign-in form
 * Added menu link for version update
 * Propagate display name from favorites
 * Close call in one more corner case
 * Improve conference statistics and remove dead participants from view
 * Added network statistics to conferences participants
 * Added packet loss and bandwidth usage info


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