[SIP Beyond VoIP] Sylkserver – I'm too stupid to understand the sparse documentation

Paul xmppaulina at protonmail.com
Tue Jun 19 12:37:47 CEST 2018

Thanks for the help Adrian. It's still not doing anything useful, but some SIP and XMPP messages are exchanged.

When I try to call a user in the sip domain from an xmpp client, no SIP messages are sent to or received by the SIP server (according to sip_trace.log and the Asterisk console). Any idea what could be wrong? 

from xmpp_trace.log (I replaced the real domain with example.net):

​​2018-06-19T09:53:57.123987+00:00 [sylk-server 7784]: RECEIVED: Packet 52, +16:15:04.146501
<iq type='set' to='123 at sip.example.net' from='test at example.net/atalk' id='8jVBk-316'><jingle xmlns='urn:xmpp:jingle:1' sid='h95rr30lm4cu' action='session-initiate' initiator='test at example.net/atalk'/></iq>
2018-06-19T09:53:57.127165+00:00 [sylk-server 7784]: SENDING: Packet 53, +16:15:04.149679
<iq to='test at example.net/atalk' from='123 at sip.example.net' id='8jVBk-316' type='result'/>
2018-06-19T09:53:57.130427+00:00 [sylk-server 7784]: SENDING: Packet 54, +16:15:04.152941
<iq to='test at example.net/atalk' from='123 at sip.example.net' id='H_1' type='set'><jingle xmlns='urn:xmpp:jingle:1' action='session-terminate' initiator='123 at sip.example.net' responder='test at example.net/atalk' sid='h95rr30lm4cu'><reason><unsupported-applications/></reason></jingle></iq>
2018-06-19T09:53:57.227916+00:00 [sylk-server 7784]: RECEIVED: Packet 55, +16:15:04.250430
<iq type='result' to='123 at sip.example.net' from='test at example.net/atalk' id='H_1'/>

srv records are configured properly

in xmppgateway.ini I only changed
domains = sip.example.net

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On June 18, 2018 3:26 PM, Adrian Georgescu <ag at ag-projects.com> wrote:

> Yes, you must configure your sip server to route requests mean for XMMP domains through SylkServer. The request arises as INVITE to to SylkServer which then routes it to XMMP application based on the login configure (by domain of URI, or set xmpp-gw the default app so that all requests go to XMPP)
> > I'm still unsure if or how client to client communication would work with third party clients (like user at thirdparty.example). I have the impression that it only works between providers that both offer XMPP _and_ SIP on the same domain, which 99% do not.
> This makes possible to have a SIP client under domain A where SylkServer talk to a XMPP client in domain B and vice versa. The limitation is that Domain A uses only SIP, cannot use XMMP clients.
> Adrian

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