[SIP Beyond VoIP] Conference Screen Sharing/Video - 488 Not Acceptable Here

Jonathan Steel mail at jsteel.org
Mon Jul 17 16:02:19 CEST 2017

Thanks for your reply. Sure, a point in the right direction or to
learn more about how this all works is great. I wasn't expecting this
to be a simple answer/fix!

1. I believe I needed to run MSRP to get screen sharing working. If I
stop MSRP I'm no longer able to do IM/text OR screen sharing.

2. I believe the screen sharing is using VNC, not WebRTC. At least I'm
using Blink for the client software, not a web browser. If I uninstall
x11vnc it breaks the screen sharing; confirmation that it is VNC-based.

4. I'm running this for clients internally, so I don't believe I need
a public IP address.

Does that answer your points sufficiently? Does it shed any light on
my issue?



On 2017-07-17 14:42, Adrian Georgescu wrote:
> Hard to make a single answer for your compkex question. I will give
> you some clues to improve navigating the software.
> 1. MSRP is used for a text chat room
> 2. Video room uses WebRTC (no SIP or MSRP protocols involved)
> 3. The two above are disjunct worlds
> 4. SylkServer must use a public IP
> 5. You don't need an MSRP relay in combination with SylkServer as long
> as you stick with point 4
> Adrian
>> On 17 Jul 2017, at 14:37, Jonathan Steel <mail at jsteel.org> wrote:
>> I've just set up a basic install of OpenSIPS and SylkServer and 
>> everything
>> is working apart from screen sharing and video in a conference. It 
>> works OK
>> one to one (via OpenSIPS not through SylkServer). To confirm, audio 
>> and IM
>> work fine in a conference through SylkServer.
>> Here's an error from the SylkServer that I think is relevant:
>> https://bpaste.net/show/fdd1233513d9
>> (488 Not Acceptable Here)
>> My setup is as follows:
>>  OpenSIPS + MSRPRelay:
>>    sip.dev.lan
>>  SylkServer:
>>    meet.sip.dev.lan
>>  Client:
>>    Blink
>> Does SylkServer run its own MSRPRelay and does it need to be 
>> configured
>> to use the one on the OpenSIPS server instead? Otherwise what do you
>> think I'm missing?
>> Thanks,
>> --
>> Jonathan
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