[SIP Beyond VoIP] Getting started with sylkserver

Adrian Weiler sylk-testing at aweiler.com
Tue Jan 5 00:47:45 CET 2016

Hello again,

At 04.01.2016, 17:31 Adrian Georgescu wrote:
> There is nothing special in SylkServer that can make it work only with a particular SIP Proxy. It should work with any proxy or without one.
SylkServer does not provide accounts. If I configure an account with a
domain whose _sips._tcp DNS record points directly to SylkServer, the
server will reject the initial PUBLISH, REGISTER and SUBSCRIBE requests
with 405 Method Not Allowed and 489 Bad Event. So IMHO I do need a proxy.

If you claim that SylkServer works without proxy, then please provide
some documentation on how that should be configured.

> Your proxy must relay all packets between the two rather than blocking them, this is is something configured into your SIP Proxy.
If the proxy is configured to relay *all* packets, then I get the same
405 and 489 results as when having no proxy at all. So the proxy is
supposed to do some work of its own, but probably in a different way
than how it is implemented by reSIProcate.

Please answer my question: which proxies is SylkServer known to work with?

> You can also point Blink to SylkServer directly or using Bonjour mode in Mac you can discover it automatically and use it.
I don't have a Mac. What do you mean with "point Blink to SylkServer"?
The conference contact *is* defined for the domain pointing to
SylkServer. The option "Always use my proxy for outgoing sessions" is
*not* set. But Blink always talks to the domain where the account is
defined, not to the contact's domain.

Adrian Weiler

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