[SIP Beyond VoIP] Some progress: Getting started with sylkserver (and NAT)

Adrian Georgescu ag at ag-projects.com
Mon Jan 4 17:31:43 CET 2016

There is nothing special in SylkServer that can make it work only with a particular SIP Proxy. It should work with any proxy or without one. Your proxy must relay all packets between the two rather than blocking them, this is is something configured into your SIP Proxy.

You can also point Blink to SylkServer directly or using Bonjour mode in Mac you can discover it automatically and use it.


> On 04 Jan 2016, at 17:05, Adrian Weiler <sylk-testing at aweiler.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> At 04.01.2016, 15:16 Adrian Georgescu wrote:
>> The issue is your middleman proxy. I cannot speculate what and how it does its thing.
> Of course not. But I would appreciate a statement like "Sylkserver is
> known to work with x, y and z as proxy". I chose reSIProcate because it
> was just an "apt-get install" away. I am happy to use anything else if I
> receive a recommendation telling me so.
> Thanks,
> Adrian Weiler
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