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David Hubbard david.hubbard at agenor.co.uk
Thu Sep 26 15:30:49 CEST 2013


I'm following the instructions at <http://sylkserver.com/download.phtml> 
for Source Code based install.

I'm doing this currently on Centos 6.4 as a test (with a view to also 
deploying on Red Hat EL)

I have hit a problem installing "python-sipsimple" via the tar package

I am building using "python setup.py install"    (which I have deduced 
is the way these modules are normally built) - is this correct?

Build Error (a cut here)

     ar: creating ../lib/libpjmedia-videodev-x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu.a

    ../src/pjmedia-audiodev/alsa_dev.c:37:28: error: alsa/asoundlib.h:
    No such file or directory
    ../src/pjmedia-audiodev/alsa_dev.c:122: error: expected
    specifier-qualifier-list before "snd_pcm_t"
    ../src/pjmedia-audiodev/alsa_dev.c: In function "alsa_error_handler":
    ../src/pjmedia-audiodev/alsa_dev.c:199: warning: implicit
    declaration of function "snd_strerror"
    ../src/pjmedia-audiodev/alsa_dev.c:199: warning: format "%s" expects
    type "char *", but argument 4 has type "int"
    ../src/pjmedia-audiodev/alsa_dev.c:199: warning: format "%s" expects
    type "char *", but argument 4 has type "int"
    ../src/pjmedia-audiodev/alsa_dev.c: In function "add_dev":
    ../src/pjmedia-audiodev/alsa_dev.c:207: error: "snd_pcm_t"
    undeclared (first use in this function)
    ../src/pjmedia-audiodev/alsa_dev.c:207: error: (Each undeclared
    identifier is reported only once
    ../src/pjmedia-audiodev/alsa_dev.c:207: error: for each function it
    appears in.)
    ../src/pjmedia-audiodev/alsa_dev.c:207: error: "pcm" undeclared
    (first use in this function)

Other than "alsa_dev.c" I see no other "alsa" files in the untarred 
fileset  - and it's not flagged as a dependency

Digging a bit further...

I see in 
that the dependency is flagged


If I set this to "0" then I manage to complete the compilation

However when I run (after also installing "greenlet" and 
"python-gnutls")  I end up with an error when running sylkserver:

    Starting SylkServer 2.5.0, with no configuration file
    fatal error: failed to create SylkServer:
    undefined symbol: pjmedia_alsa_factory
    Traceback (most recent call last):
       File "./sylk-server", line 68, in main
         from sylk.server import SylkServer
       File "/tmp/sylkserver/sylk/server.py", line 13, in <module>
         from sipsimple.account import Account, BonjourAccount,
    line 25, in <module>
         from sipsimple.account.bonjour import BonjourServices, _bonjour
    line 23, in <module>
         from sipsimple.core import FrozenSIPURI, SIPCoreError, NoGRUU
    line 4, in <module>
         from sipsimple.core._core import *
    undefined symbol: pjmedia_alsa_factory

Is the simsimple tar missing some dependancies or should I have these 
installed - as "pjproject" appears to be "C" rather than python I'm 
thinking it's the former, but please can you advise me on possible next 

Thanks (hopefully)

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