[SIP Beyond VoIP] Possibly using SylkServer as SIP Gateway for XMPP

David Hubbard david.hubbard at agenor.co.uk
Thu Sep 26 10:58:19 CEST 2013


I'm looking at SylkServer for a potential requirement.

We actually using XMPP Server hosted internally for our IM and Presence 
usage (eJabberd on Linux) and would like to federate with a customers 
SIP-based solution (Microsoft OCS).   So I'm considering putting 
SylkServer to act as a gateway at the edge of our environment for 
connection out to these customers.

 From my reading around SylkServer, I infer that this was mainly 
developed for the SIP world to reach out to XMPP - however my 
requirement is the other way round.

So my questions are:

- Can we use SylkServer (hosted our side) to act as a gateway to 
external SIP servers?     I note a point on the installation 
instructions <http://sylkserver.com/download.phtml>:  "SylkServer must 
run on a public IP address reachable directly by the SIP clients. If 
SylkServer is installed behind NAT using a private IP address, only 
clients from the same LAN can make use of it. "

- Is this restriction just to allow support for local SIP Client usage 
(which we wouldn't have directly - our local clients would be XMPP) or 
will it affect external SIP server connection?

- Do I also need a SIP Proxy Server? and would OpenSIP be a good 
candidate for this?

If there is any whitepaper or documentation which would fit my 
requirement then please feel free to point me at it.


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