[SIP Beyond VoIP] New SylkServer release 2.4.0 with Jingle support

Emil Ivov emcho at jitsi.org
Fri Mar 22 18:15:55 CET 2013

Hey Adrian, Saul,

I really wanted to congratulate you for this release! This is an awesome
product! We needed it in a number of projects and deployments and I am
very happy that it's now ready!

I also enjoyed testing the SIP to XMPP calls with you! ;)

Keep it up!


On 22.03.13, 14:41, Adrian Georgescu wrote:
> Full URL: http://sylkserver.ag-projects.com/news/49
> Sylkserver <http://sylkserver.com/> version 2.4.0 has now been released
> with a major milestone, namely VoIP translation between SIP and XMPP
> (Jingle). Complete interoperability for multimedia sessions including
> Presence, Session based Chat, wide-band Audio and multi-party
> conferencing for all supported media is now possible using user at domain
> addressing for both SIP and XMPP protocols. There is no configuration
> needed beyond the Internet domains for which the translation should take
> place. Blink <http://icanblink.com/> on the SIP side and Jitsi
> <http://jit.si/> on the XMPP side have been used to test the calls flows
> involved.
> The software is GPL licensed, available as a free download and provided
> as a service by SIP2SIP. To test you can use SIP accounts
> from sip2sip.info <http://sip2sip.info/> and XMPP accounts from jit.si
> <http://jit.si/> using the latest builds of the above mentioned clients.
> Many thanks to AG Projects <http://ag-projects.com/> and NLNet
> foundation <http://nlnet.nl/> for funding and development and Blue Jimp
> <http://bluejimp.com/> team, the maker of Jitsi, for helping
> troubleshooting interoperability issues on the Jingle side.
>     Change log
>   * Added VoIP translation for SIP/XMPP gateway (Jingle)
>   * Added Presence to Bonjour conference rooms (XEP-0174)
>   * Added support for XMPP software version (XEP-0092)
>   * Added support for XMPP ping (XEP-0199)
>   * Reply with service-unavailable to unsupported XMPP IQ stanzas
>   * Improved XMPP service discovery support (XEP-0115)
>   * Fixed a race condition related to SIP subscriptions
>   * Improved description of XMPP related settings
>     Normative References
> See SIP/XMPP Gateway documentation
> <http://sylkserver.ag-projects.com/projects/sylkserver/wiki/DesignXMPP>
>     Installation Instructions
> Installation
> <http://sylkserver.ag-projects.com/projects/sylkserver/wiki/Installation>
> Enjoy!
> Regards,
> Adrian
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