[SIP Beyond VoIP] Help with sip-session reading and printing received DTMF

Jason Ostrom jpo at pobox.com
Sun Dec 22 23:56:20 CET 2013


Trying to get sip-session sample sipclients app print received DTMF in conference bridge.  It can call into bridge, and I've configured Asterisk to broadcast / relay DTMF digits via RFC 2833 RTP, but sip-session doesn't print DTMF.  I have verified with network sniffer that RTP payload DTMF digits are received via rfc2833, and python code should be detecting them.

Does detection of DTMF happen by default in sip-session?  It prints DTMF by default?  What can be used to troubleshoot further?

I have the following lines in the notification handler, but nothing is printed:

        send_notice('Got DMTF %s' % notification.data.digit)
        print 'Got DMTF %s ' % notification.data.digit

Any help appreciated.

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