[SIP Beyond VoIP] sylkserver not starting on Ubuntu precise

Maurice Vistan mvistan at gmail.com
Tue Nov 20 00:48:01 CET 2012

Hi Everyone,

I am new to sylkserver and trying to install it on ubuntu precise:


I tried the installation proceedure on :
http://sylkserver.com/download.phtml . First I tried the instruction using
the apt-get, when I started it I only get the below logs on my syslog
nothing more.

Nov 19 17:59:32 vps-1117285-13462 sylk-server[22767]: Starting SylkServer
2.2.1, config=/etc/sylkserver/config.ini

2nd thing I tried is remove the first installation the I tried the command
darcs. By the way python is installed also even before I tried the apt-get
.please see below python installation:

libpython2.7                                    install
python                                          install
python-application                              install
python-backports                                install
python-central                                  deinstall
python-dateutil                                 install
python-dbus-dev                                 install
python-dnspython                                install
python-eventlib                                 install
python-formencode                               install
python-gnutls                                   install
python-greenlet                                 install
python-lxml                                     install
python-minimal                                  install
python-msrplib                                  install
python-mysqldb                                  install
python-openssl                                  install
python-pam                                      install
python-pkg-resources                            install
python-serial                                   install
python-sipsimple                                install
python-sqlobject                                install
python-support                                  install
python-twisted-bin                              install
python-twisted-core                             install
python-twisted-names                            install
python-twisted-web                              install
python-twisted-words                            install
python-wokkel                                   install
python-xcaplib                                  install
python-zope.interface                           install
python2.7                                       install
python2.7-minimal                               install

when I tried to start the 2nd installation i only get :
Starting SylkServer 2.2.1, config=/etc/sylkserver/config.ini
Segmentation fault

and server did not start.

kindly help me please. any ideas that can be shared to me will be ver

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