[SIP Beyond VoIP] Another case where Sylk would reject Notifications

Hadzhiev, Tihomir tihomir.hadzhiev at acision.com
Fri Nov 16 11:38:06 CET 2012

Hi all,

I have finally applied a workaround on the Record-Route field, so now it is not populated with FQDNs, instead there are IP addresses and ports.

e.g. Sylk does not crash anymore and I have the following in Sylk's ( --no-fork ) log:

[xmppgateway] Presence session established sip:alice at open-ims.test --> xmpp:tihoparvi at testing.com
[xmppgateway] Presence session established xmpp:tihoparvi at testing.com --> sip:alice at open-ims.test

E.g. it looks like the presence is established correctly.

But now a question.

Once the above presence is established correctly, am I supposed to see the green light ( e.g. user online ) at the XMPP Client for the guy at the SIP end ?


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