[SIP Beyond VoIP] more about linux audio problems

Juha Heinanen jh at tutpro.com
Tue May 10 15:56:10 CEST 2011

i have been suffering from sipclient/blink audio problems in linux.  now
i tested with pjsua application that comes with pjsip source code and
with pjsua audio works fine.

pjsua call uses audio like this:

 16:31:29.121  pjsua_media.c  Opening sound device PCM at 44100/1/20ms
 16:31:29.147    ec0x8a98ae8  AEC created, clock_rate=44100, channel=1,
 samples per frame=882, tail length=200 ms, latency=115 ms
  16:31:29.190  pjsua_media.c  Media updates, stream #0: speex (sendrecv)
 16:31:29.190   conference.c  Port 3 (sip:jh at as.test.fi) transmitting to port 0 (HDA Intel MID: ALC269 Analog (hw:0,0) (44KHz))
 16:31:29.190   conference.c  Port 0 (HDA Intel MID: ALC269 Analog
 (hw:0,0) (44KHz)) transmitting to port 3 (sip:jh at as.test.fi)

i have not specified any audio devices for pjsua, so it is using default
devices, but i'm not quite sure what the default is.

auddemo finds these:

Found 7 devices:
  0: PA [HDA Intel MID: ALC269 Analog (hw:0,0)] (2/4)
  1: PA [front] (0/4)
  2: PA [surround40] (0/4)
  3: PA [surround51] (0/4)
  4: PA [surround71] (0/4)
  5: PA [default] (128/128)
  6: PA [dmix] (0/2)

so i guess default is 'default'.

in sipclient i have

        +-- alert_device = default
audio --|-- directory = UserDataPath(u'history')
        |-- input_device = default
        |-- output_device = default
        |-- sample_rate = 44100
        |-- silent = False
        +-- tail_length = 100

and in blink if i try to set audio devices to anything else than System
Default, blink hangs

even when audio settings seem to be equal with pjsua, there is no audio
with sipclient or blink.  perhaps the problem is related to different
version of pjmedia lib?

-- juha

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