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There are thousands of SIP service providers from where you can obtain a SIP address.

This is one for them, which has support for SIP SIMPLE and has already SylkServer running:



On Aug 25, 2011, at 11:11 AM, Atif Haider wrote:

> Hello, there!
> I want to build a real time 2 way communication system application.
> Flow:
> 1) A user, say John sign ups on my app.
> 2) Now, john sees list of all his friends on this app.
> 3) He chooses to call Larry from his friend list and he simply starts doing voice call.
> I went through a lot of technical options for this like trying P2P(using libjingle) or just using a 3rd party system(Twilio).
> Due the below reasons, i think i should go with SIP.
> Centralised sever dependent
> Controlled communication session 
> Reliable
> Can store the transcriptions
> Here is my half baked solution for this:
>  1) SIP server: We can use http://sylkserver.com/
>  2) SIP client: We need to built this client which will talk to SIP server.
>  3) Web/Mobile client to talk to SIP client.
> Does it make sense?
> The problem here is that i couldn't find any documentation to build a web client in Python anywhere. How does the whole process works?
> I found a client blink for Mac which uses Sylkserver and how do i get a SIP address? from here? https://www.getonsip.com/
> I have a lot confusion on this. It would be a great help if some experienced guru can precisely show me the right path?
> Thanks in advance!
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