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Atif Haider mail at atifhaider.com
Thu Aug 25 11:11:42 CEST 2011

Hello, there!

I want to build a real time 2 way communication system application.


1) A user, say John sign ups on my app.
2) Now, john sees list of all his friends on this app.
3) He chooses to call Larry from his friend list and he simply starts doing
voice call.

I went through a lot of technical options for this like trying P2P(using
libjingle) or just using a 3rd party system(Twilio).
Due the below reasons, i think i should go with SIP.

   - Centralised sever dependent
   - Controlled communication session
   - Reliable
   - Can store the transcriptions

Here is my half baked solution for this:

 1) SIP server: We can use
 2) SIP client: We need to built this client which will talk to SIP server.
 3) Web/Mobile client to talk to SIP client.

Does it make sense?

The problem here is that i couldn't find any documentation to build a web
client in Python anywhere. How does the whole process works?
I found a client blink for Mac which uses Sylkserver and how do i get a SIP
address? from here?

I have a lot confusion on this. It would be a great help if some experienced
guru can precisely show me the right path?

Thanks in advance!

Atif Haider
Never trust a programmer in a suit
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