[SIP SIMPLE client] Problems getting SIP Simple SDK to work

J.M. Maurer uwog at uwog.net
Sat Oct 23 20:29:48 CEST 2010

> You are intending to bump Fedora's python-application from 1.1.5 (which is 
> what my f13 is telling me) to 1.2.5?

Yep. For now I've just built 1.2.5 myself. I'll try to update the
version that fedora ships, but my ACL in the fedora GIT tree doesn't
extend to python-application yet :)

> > Distro's
> > like Fedora will not allow any package to be added that ships his own
> > dependencies. And I also saw that when building msrp (or was it another
> > lib?) it dragged in external stuff. Distro's also disallow that.
> sip-simple pulls in pjsip from SVN, which is a little odd. There are useful 
> patches in sip-simple that haven't ended up in upstream; this does make 
> packaging for Fedora difficult.

It would be nice if this could be addressed (preferably by pushing all
patches upstream). For now I can continue working on my sipsimple
project since I think I have it working, but it would be a shame if
"no-one" in the future could use my work since we couldn't get decent
sipsimple packages in Fedora.

> PS. If you've got specfiles, I'd like to see them, as I'd like to re-use them 
> for OpenSolaris packaging.

This is everything I did to get the SIP SIMPLE working on Fedora:

I make no promises whatsoever on the quality of the packages, but they
should be fine in general :)

Thanks for the help so far,

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