[SIP SIMPLE client] Found the culprit

Willem Toorop willem at ahk.nl
Wed Jan 28 01:50:45 CET 2009

Hi All,

Attached version 0.06 :)

Studying the packet captures of Adrians crashing viewer, I discovered that a
PointerEvent type was sent by the viewer, in the middle of a SetEncodings
event. You probably had the error, because you moved your mouse immediately
over the viewer window, Adrian.
I've now made sure the SetEncodings event is now sent out as one packet, so
it can't be interrupted by other events.

I've also made some performance modifications.

   1. The viewer now starts 8 bit depth
   2. The server starts with speed modem
   3. The pygame eventloop now waits for a little while, when no events have
   taken place

Testing desktops are still running.
The directly connectable TCP-only version with:

./sip_desktop_sharing --msrp-tcp 2233362573 at sip2sip.info

And the TLS over a MSRP-Relay with:

./sip_desktop_sharing 2233361709 at sip2sip.info


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