[SIP SIMPLE client] MSRP might just not be the right choice for tunneling RFB

Willem Toorop willem at ahk.nl
Tue Jan 27 16:27:06 CET 2009

Hi Dennis,

> AssertionError: Trying to re-reset() a fresh event.
> >
> I hope this is not happening anymore. If you do have this or other weird
> error please let me know how to reproduce them.

This is not happening anymore. Thanks for the fix!

Thanks also for the --msrp-tcp option! That's a great debugging feature. I
will use it to see if the empty MSRP messages still occur when connecting
directly (see earlier messages about this problem).
I suppose that ideally the client should detect if it has to use a
MSRP-Relay and that -r auto won't use one if not necessary.

Does an outgoing client also use the TCP/MSRP transport when it is offered
by a server? Or is it still using the relay untill you explicitely disable
it with --msrp-tcp and -r None? If it still uses the relay, does the relay
adapt between the tls and tcp connections?

Can I do two feature requests? One is really simple.

It would be nice if python client script using your library could add extra
options for their command line ussage.
I came up with this:
Add three lines to site-packages/pypjua/clients/config.py.

On line 81 change

def parse_options(usage, description):


def parse_options(usage, description, extra_options = ()):

On line 129, just before

    options, args = parser.parse_args()


    for extra_option in extra_options:
        parser.add_option(*extra_option[0], **extra_option[1])

It would also be nice if the get_path function in clientconfig.py doesn't
only look relatively from the position of the script that was called, but
also from the position of the library installation. I've written an
alternative, but it is using which.py. You might want to do a different
solution. Attached I have the modification that I use now.

Thanks for the help so far!

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