[SIP SIMPLE client] A usable version

Willem Toorop willem at ahk.nl
Sat Jan 24 23:46:50 CET 2009

Hi Adrian, Michiel, Ruud & Denis,

Attached is a version that actually works quiet well. It is slow, but usable
(less then a second response time). Cleanups are handled nicely (no crashing
scripts) and they use the "m=application <port> TCP/TLS/MSRP/RFB *" media
line in the SDP.

While debugging packet order, going in and out, I noticed that sometimes an
empty MSRP message is received, although the Byte-Range header indicates
differently. Once those messages were filtered out, everything started
working fine.

Here is such a message:

To-Path: msrps://;tcp
From-Path: msrps://
Message-ID: vRlGOYQEyF
Byte-Range: 1-42/42
Content-Type: application/x-rfb


The + on the end of the end-line<transaction id> indicates that more is
coming, but in that case the Byte-Range should have been 1-*/42 (i think,
because 1-1/42 would incidate one byte of data and 1-0/42 is just silly), or
the message should not have been sent at all.

So I was wrong thinking that the order of the messages was altered by
MSRP-Relay. The garbage I saw in earlier versions where due to receiving
those MSRP messages with no content; The socket connecting to the viewer was
closed by them halfway in an update of several rectangles. When the
connection was closed, the rectangles on the screen would be updated with
data that was already in the buffer where the update data should have been
MSRP-Relay is forwarding the messages in the order it received it in.

Sorry about the confusion.

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