[SIP SIMPLE client] SDP session

Willem Toorop willem at ahk.nl
Thu Jan 22 17:49:55 CET 2009

Hi Ruud,

You are right! I had the SDP negotiation setup wrongly. Attached I have a
new version of the scripts which are successfully using the media line:

m=application <port> TCP/TLS/MSRP/RFB *

I've also fixed some exit conditions, so the vncserver and vncviewer are
cleanly closed and killed when the session is ended.


2009/1/22 Ruud Klaver <ruud at ag-projects.com>

> Hi Willem,
> On 20 Jan 2009, at 12:09, Willem Toorop wrote:
>  Hi Ruud,
>> Find attached two logs. One from the modified sip_im_session command and
>> one from the sip_request_desktop command. I think the interesting part
>> should be sip_im_session.log in between line 285 (where i accept the
>> invitation) and line 317, where the SDP is sent back with a media line
>> containing a zero as port number, but i can't see what.
>> Cheers,
>> Willem
>> <sip_im_session.log><sip_request_desktop.log>
> PJSIP seems to consider that the SDP negotiation has succeeded. Are you
> sure you are setting the port to something other than 0 in your application?
> If it, it may be PJSIP doing that for some obscure reason. Also, could try
> not to have the IP set to in the offer? This has special meaning in
> the context of SDP (ie. putting the stream on hold). Other than that, I
> can't really see what's wrong with your SDP.
> Also, if you pulled from the darcs repository lately, you may need to
> perform "sudo python setup.py build_ext --pjsip-clean-compile".
> Ruud Klaver
> AG Projects
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