[SIP SIMPLE client] SDP session

Ruud Klaver ruud at ag-projects.com
Thu Jan 22 15:48:34 CET 2009

Hi Willem,

On 20 Jan 2009, at 12:09, Willem Toorop wrote:

> Hi Ruud,
> Find attached two logs. One from the modified sip_im_session command  
> and one from the sip_request_desktop command. I think the  
> interesting part should be sip_im_session.log in between line 285  
> (where i accept the invitation) and line 317, where the SDP is sent  
> back with a media line containing a zero as port number, but i can't  
> see what.
> Cheers,
> Willem
> <sip_im_session.log><sip_request_desktop.log>

PJSIP seems to consider that the SDP negotiation has succeeded. Are  
you sure you are setting the port to something other than 0 in your  
application? If it, it may be PJSIP doing that for some obscure  
reason. Also, could try not to have the IP set to in the  
offer? This has special meaning in the context of SDP (ie. putting the  
stream on hold). Other than that, I can't really see what's wrong with  
your SDP.

Also, if you pulled from the darcs repository lately, you may need to  
perform "sudo python setup.py build_ext --pjsip-clean-compile".

Ruud Klaver
AG Projects

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