[SIP SIMPLE client] sip_desktop_sharing version 0.07

Adrian Georgescu ag at ag-projects.com
Thu Feb 19 09:02:47 CET 2009

Hi Willem,

Many thanks for your efforts.

I have added your files to the central darcs repository.


On Feb 19, 2009, at 12:52 AM, Willem Toorop wrote:

> Hi All,
> Sorry I come with this so late, but I've been busy writing a report  
> and a presentation and doing new school and work stuff.
> Attached a new version of the sip_desktop_sharing script. The tgz  
> should be unpacked over the python-sipsimple directory. It has a  
> sip_desktop_sharing.py script in the python-sipsimple/scripts  
> directory and a library (desktopsharing.py) in python-sipsimple/ 
> sipsimple/applications which contains everything needed to run  
> sip_desktop_sharing.
> The following alterations have been made.
> It works with the latest library code
> It can use alternative vncviewers besides the built in pygame- 
> vncviewer (gvncviewer and xtightvncviewer (allthough that last one  
> is really slow)).
> It detects if pygame is installed. If not, it uses gvncviewer.
> You can manually add an auto answer by replying with an 'a' when  
> asked is you want to provide your desktop.
> Several new options. The complete list is as follows:
>   -d DESKTOP, --desktop=DESKTOP
>                         DESKTOP should be "remote" to request access  
> to the
>                         remote desktop, or "local" to offer your local
>                         desktop. The default is "remote"
>   -A AUTO_ANSWER, --auto-answer=AUTO_ANSWER
>                         A comma seperated list of sip addresses that  
> will be
>                         served a desktop request automaticly  
> withouth asking.
>                         Use "all" to authorize all callers to access  
> your
>                         desktop
>   --vncviewer=VNCVIEWER
>                         The vncviewer to use. Three values are  
> possible:
>                         "pygame", "gvncviewer" and  
> "xtightvncviewer". Default
>                         the built in vncviewer "pygame" is used.
>   --vncviewer-depth=VNCVIEWER_DEPTH
>                         The color depth of the vncviewer. 8 or 32  
> are values
>                         that will work with the build in vncviewer.  
> Default =
>                         8
>   --x11vnc-options=X11VNC_OPTIONS
>                         Extra options to pass to the x11vnc program  
> when
>                         started. Default this is "-speeds modem"
> Good luck testing :),
> Willem
> <python-sipsimple-desktopsharing-0.07.tgz>

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