[SIP SIMPLE client] sip_desktop_sharing version 0.07

Michiel Leenaars michiel at nlnet.nl
Thu Feb 19 02:52:00 CET 2009

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Hi Willem,

I think it works, my test case was just not online ...

./sip_desktop_sharing.py ******@sip2sip.info
Accounts available: default
Using default account: *******@isoc.nl
Resolved DNS SRV record "_sip._udp.isoc.nl" --> sip.dns-hosting.info:5060
Resolved DNS A record "sip.dns-hosting.info" -->,,
Registering "Michiel Leenaars" <sip:michiel at isoc.nl> at
Registered SIP contact address:
sip:ujlhdBw8sD at;transport=udp (expires in 60 seconds)
Initiating SIP session from "Michiel Leenaars" <sip:michiel at isoc.nl> to
sip:2233361709 at sip2sip.info through proxy
Disconnected SIP session to sip:2233361709 at sip2sip.info (434 User not
Invite failed: 434 User not online
Thread 809337080 has exited with leftover thread-specific data after 4
destructor iterations

Congratulations ...


Willem Toorop wrote:
| Hi All,
| Sorry I come with this so late, but I've been busy writing a report

| and a presentation
| <https://www.os3.nl/_media/2008-2009/students/willem_toorop/slides.pdf>
| and doing new school and work stuff.
| Attached a new version of the sip_desktop_sharing script. The tgz should
| be unpacked over the python-sipsimple directory. It has a
| sip_desktop_sharing.py script in the python-sipsimple/scripts directory
| and a library (desktopsharing.py) in
| python-sipsimple/sipsimple/applications which contains everything needed
| to run sip_desktop_sharing.
| The following alterations have been made.
|    1. It works with the latest library code
|    2. It can use alternative vncviewers besides the built in
|       pygame-vncviewer (gvncviewer and xtightvncviewer (allthough that
|       last one is really slow)).
|    3. It detects if pygame is installed. If not, it uses gvncviewer.
|    4. You can manually add an auto answer by replying with an 'a' when
|       asked is you want to provide your desktop.
|    5. Several new options. The complete list is as follows:
|         -d DESKTOP, --desktop=DESKTOP
|                               DESKTOP should be "remote" to request
|       access to the
|                               remote desktop, or "local" to offer your
|                               desktop. The default is "remote"
|         -A AUTO_ANSWER, --auto-answer=AUTO_ANSWER
|                               A comma seperated list of sip addresses
|       that will be
|                               served a desktop request automaticly
|       withouth asking.
|                               Use "all" to authorize all callers to
|       access your
|                               desktop
|         --vncviewer=VNCVIEWER
|                               The vncviewer to use. Three values are
|       possible:
|                               "pygame", "gvncviewer" and
|       "xtightvncviewer". Default
|                               the built in vncviewer "pygame" is used.
|         --vncviewer-depth=VNCVIEWER_DEPTH
|                               The color depth of the vncviewer. 8 or 32
|       are values
|                               that will work with the build in
|       vncviewer. Default =
|                               8
|         --x11vnc-options=X11VNC_OPTIONS
|                               Extra options to pass to the x11vnc
|       program when
|                               started. Default this is "-speeds modem"
| Good luck testing :),
| Willem
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