[SIP SIMPLE client] sip_desktop_sharing version 0.07

Willem Toorop willem at ahk.nl
Thu Feb 19 00:52:55 CET 2009

Hi All,

Sorry I come with this so late, but I've been busy writing a
doing new school and work stuff.

Attached a new version of the sip_desktop_sharing script. The tgz should be
unpacked over the python-sipsimple directory. It has a
sip_desktop_sharing.py script in the python-sipsimple/scripts directory and
a library (desktopsharing.py) in python-sipsimple/sipsimple/applications
which contains everything needed to run sip_desktop_sharing.

The following alterations have been made.

   1. It works with the latest library code
   2. It can use alternative vncviewers besides the built in
   pygame-vncviewer (gvncviewer and xtightvncviewer (allthough that last one is
   really slow)).
   3. It detects if pygame is installed. If not, it uses gvncviewer.
   4. You can manually add an auto answer by replying with an 'a' when asked
   is you want to provide your desktop.
   5. Several new options. The complete list is as follows:
     -d DESKTOP, --desktop=DESKTOP
                           DESKTOP should be "remote" to request access to
                           remote desktop, or "local" to offer your local
                           desktop. The default is "remote"
     -A AUTO_ANSWER, --auto-answer=AUTO_ANSWER
                           A comma seperated list of sip addresses that will
                           served a desktop request automaticly withouth
                           Use "all" to authorize all callers to access your
                           The vncviewer to use. Three values are possible:
                           "pygame", "gvncviewer" and "xtightvncviewer".
                           the built in vncviewer "pygame" is used.
                           The color depth of the vncviewer. 8 or 32 are
                           that will work with the build in vncviewer.
   Default =
                           Extra options to pass to the x11vnc program when
                           started. Default this is "-speeds modem"

Good luck testing :),

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