[Blink] error: PJSIP TLS support was disabled, OpenSSL development files probably not present on this system

Richard Prosser richard.prosser at mail.com
Wed May 13 19:05:06 CEST 2015


That is the first time that I have seen that link so I do not know what you
mean by "twice already". Thanks anyway.

I have got to "Step 2.1. Build and install some extra packages" but 'darcs'
does not work on my Windows 8 PC (CMD shell):

darcs failed:  Not a repository:
ws/mingw-w64-intsafe-headers (.: openBinaryTempFile: permission denied
on denied))

HINT: Do you have the right URI for the repository?

      If so, check with the repository owner to see if the following files
      are readable:

        1. _darcs/format    - might not exist; that's OK
        2. _darcs/inventory - should exist if #1 is missing
        3. _darcs/hashed_inventory - should exist if #2 is missing

Can you suggest an alternative way to get those files, please? I have tried
'curl' via Msys2 but that gets a "you do not have permission" error.

Thanks ...


On 12 May 2015 at 09:44, Saúl Ibarra Corretgé <saul at ag-projects.com> wrote:

> On 12 May 2015, at 10:39, Richard Prosser <richard.prosser at mail.com>
> wrote:
> > Also the "install.windows" document refers to 'pacman', which appears to
> be an 'archlinux' utility of some kind.
> >
> > In addition to my earlier comments, I do not find the documents to be
> that useful.
> >
> You are looking in Blink’s source code. I pointed you (twice already) to
> SIP SIMPLE Client SDK’s documentation. Here is a direct link to it:
> http://projects.ag-projects.com/projects/sipsimpleclient/repository/entry/docs/Install.windows
> You have detailed instructions on how to install the required toolchain
> and packages on Windows.
> We use MSYS2, which comes with pacman (the ArchLinux package manager,
> ported to Windows). This is the only supported toolchain.
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