[Blink] blink-qt debian jessie install broken

Martin Stock stock at reventix.de
Thu Jun 11 12:46:05 CEST 2015

Hi guys,

with the last blink-qt update I can't install or update on debian jessie 

The reason for this seems to be that python-sipsimple requires libvpx2 
(>= 1.4.0), but jessie only contains libvpx1 (1.3.0-3).

-- snip --
debian at jessie ~ # aptitude versions libvpx
Paket libvpx-dev:
p   1.3.0-3         stable

Paket libvpx-doc:
p   1.3.0-3         stable

Paket libvpx1:
i A 1.3.0-3         stable

Paket libvpx1-dbg:
p   1.3.0-3         stable
-- snap --

regards Martin

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