[Blink] New Blink Pro for OSX version 4.1.0 with ZRTP end-to-end audio/video encryption

Kevin Layer layer at franz.com
Sat Nov 22 03:12:41 CET 2014

Dan Pascu wrote:

>> There is nothing blink can figure out here. There is a video stream
>> present in the call, so blink cannot “figure out” that is an audio
>> call. If asterisk says that is going to send me a video stream as
>> part of the call, I cannot guess that asterisk was just pretending
>> and no actual video stream will be sent.
>> Blame asterisk for having a brain dead implementation of video
>> support. If you enable video it adds video to EVERY call, even if
>> it will not be used, so even audio only calls appear as video
>> calls. A good implementation would add video only if video was
>> requested for the caller and for that matter is not even the job of
>> the server to add streams to a call, it should be the caller that
>> adds them or not.

OK.  Thanks.


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