[Blink] New Blink Pro for OSX version 4.1.0 with ZRTP end-to-end audio/video encryption

Dan Pascu dan at ag-projects.com
Sat Nov 22 01:15:33 CET 2014

On 21 Nov 2014, at 20:31, Kevin Layer <layer at franz.com> wrote:

> Dan Pascu wrote:
>>> I didn’t mean the preferences. I meant the incoming call popup dialog.
>>> Something like this one (notice the video icon, the Video call title
>>> and the “Audio only” button):
> When I re-enable video in Asterisk, I do have an "Audio only" button.
> It goes away when I disable it.  I guess I was trained for so long to
> use the "Accept" button I just didn't see it.  Sorry about that.
> So, to button this whole thing up, I think I'm good for now.  I know
> what to do ("Accept audio"), which I'll have to train myself to do.
> It would be nice, however, if Blink could figure out there is only
> audio and make "Accept" just do the right thing.

There is nothing blink can figure out here. There is a video stream present in the call, so blink cannot “figure out” that is an audio call. If asterisk says that is going to send me a video stream as part of the call, I cannot guess that asterisk was just pretending and no actual video stream will be sent.

Blame asterisk for having a brain dead implementation of video support. If you enable video it adds video to EVERY call, even if it will not be used, so even audio only calls appear as video calls. A good implementation would add video only if video was requested for the caller and for that matter is not even the job of the server to add streams to a call, it should be the caller that adds them or not.

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