[Blink] Bonjour registration bug

Kuklin István kuklinster at gmail.com
Thu Nov 6 21:12:52 CET 2014

Hello there,

I'd like to report a bug in connection with Blink sip client.
I use a TLS account for making secure sip calls, but I've encountered a
problem that makes the registration no longer automatic and
inconvenient. There is a Bonjour account in the program. It seems like
if it is disabled, my account cannot be registered. I need to enable
Bonjour first, and then I need to disable and re-enable my account. It
is not a problem for me to have the Bonjour account enabled, but I
always have to switch to my account at the top if I would like to make a
call, and if I quit the program left my account switched to it, then
next time I have to re-enable my account again, otherwise it won't
register, because Bonjour seems weren't initialized yet. I've recorded
my desktop for better understanding:
It would be the best if I would not need to use Bonjour.

Thank you for your help!
István Kuklin
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