[Blink] feature request: disable REGISTER

Greg Camp gcamp0730 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 9 17:40:18 CET 2014

I've been using Blink on Windows for some time now and really love it.  The
absence of the dial pad is great!  One feature that I would like to see is
the ability to disable sending of a REGISTER.  The systems I use Blink on
are setup for IP authentication, so they ignore REGISTER commands.
 However, as I setup multiple test accounts to the system, the system
begins to be flooded with REGISTER requests.  For example, over a 20 minute
time period there were 1417 REGISTER requests sent, which turned into 29
lines in the server log file totaling 41k lines.  I can disable the
accounts and that stops the REGISTER, but it adds additional work to go
through the account list to enable / disable accounts as I use them.

While those log entries don't appear to harm the server (other than disk
and network I/O), they are certainly a large amount of noise if you are
trying to search through the log files for something.  Being able to
disable REGISTER would be a really great option, in my opinion.

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