[Blink] Ubuntu install script

José Pablo Méndez Soto auxcri at gmail.com
Tue Jan 7 03:39:06 CET 2014

Hey all, I though you could make use of this simple script to install Blink
on Ubuntu distros. Just make it an executable and run it passing along your
Ubuntu's release, such as saucy or so:


#if you do not pass the release parameter, get a reminder
if [[ -z "$1" ]]

   echo "Please input your Ubuntu release. lsb files return:"
   cat /etc/*release


   wget http://download.ag-projects.com/agp-debian-gpg.key

   apt-key add agp-debian-gpg.key

   echo "deb    http://ag-projects.com/ubuntu $1 main
   deb-src http://ag-projects.com/ubuntu $1 main" >

   apt-get update

   apt-get install blink



*José Pablo Méndez *
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