[Blink] Blink Configuration

Ron imrich at cogeco.ca
Sat Dec 27 00:58:21 CET 2014

Hi blink,

I am new to Blink, although I have been working with PC's for more than 25 years.
I have set up the Blink client, including a sip2sip account. I have tried to communicate with a friend who also uses Blink, but my request for a call to, or a chat with, him shows me as Anonymous. I managed to get through to him as my account name, but on an audio call, I can hear him, but he can't hear me. I have checked his Blink configuration and system settings (via TeamViewer), and the configurations are identical, and his sound system settings SHOULD allow, and in fact does allow, sounds to be heard, just not my voice on an audio call. This situation does not occur an a chat.
Can you give some guidance as to what might be happening here? Thank you.

Best regards, 
imrich at cogeco.ca
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