[Blink] Bonjour registration bug

István Kuklin kuklinster at gmail.com
Mon Dec 8 18:29:09 CET 2014

I must correct myself: if Bonjour isn't enabled and I disable then enable
my account, it doesn't work, even if Bonjour was disabled in the last
session, even if I disable it then disable and enable my account.

2014-12-08 18:23 GMT+01:00 István Kuklin <kuklinster at gmail.com>:

> If Bonjour was disabled in the last session, next time I cannot register
> no matter how many times I try, even if only my account is ticked in. It
> works only if I enable Bonjour, and then register my account. Then I can
> disable Bonjour, I can register my account as many times I want with
> Bonjour disabled, but it has to be enabled on startup at least once, then
> it "initializes" my account and it can be registered.
> I know it sounds weird and probably I'm not clear enough to clarify the
> exact problem, but please watch the video again and see what happens
> exactly. I'm sorry if it is hard to understand me, but I'm still trying to
> explain that not exactly that happens what you tell.
> 2014-12-02 8:52 GMT+01:00 Dan Pascu <dan at ag-projects.com>:
>> On 28 Nov 2014, at 16:10, István Kuklin wrote:
>> > I have my own certificate authority since it is my own server and I
>> already set it at Preferences > Advanced > Certificate Authority list.
>> > If I uncheck the "Verify server" box, it connects on startup
>> immediately as you suspected, but if I leave it checked in then it works
>> only if I disable and enable my account or if the Bonjour account was
>> selected on the top of the GUI at startup. (as you can see in the video) If
>> my account was selected on the top of the window then I must disable and
>> enable my account to get it work.
>> > It doesn't register my account at all, if Bonjour wasn't enabled at
>> startup, even if I disable and enable my account. I must enable Bonjour at
>> least once at first then I can register the account I use (by disabling and
>> enabling it).
>> > It doesn't work of course, if my CA isn't set at the "Advanced"
>> settings tab.
>> > I think we're getting closer to the problem.
>> As I mentioned before we already know what the problem is, there is
>> nothing to be discovered here. Until we do a complete re-haul of the
>> transport layer in the underlying SIP stack library that blink uses, this
>> feature cannot work except a few corner cases.
>> So your choices are to either not use it, or disable every other account
>> (including bonjour).
>> > Maybe Blink won't verify custom CA-s if the account registering first
>> needs it.
>> > By collecting the logs I didn't disable and enable my account to get it
>> work, just waited a few minutes and grabbed them.
>> >
>> > 2014-11-28 14:00 GMT+01:00 Dan Pascu <dan at ag-projects.com>:
>> > Disable "Verify server" in the Advanced/TLS settings section of the
>> account preferences. You do not have the appropriate certificate authority
>> to validate the server certificate, and even if you would, there is a
>> problem in the libraries we use in blink that prevents the feature to work
>> correctly if you have more than 1 account in blink (even if the other one
>> is just a bonjour account).
>> --
>> Dan
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