[Blink] Latest Blink breaks pound DTMF key (#) - sends '3' instead of '#', which is Shift-3

mgraves at mstvp.com mgraves at mstvp.com
Thu Apr 10 00:54:25 CEST 2014

 > Over my cold dead body ;-)


 Seriously. Think NOT adding keypad is the right thing to do. Having a keypad and need to click the keys with your mouse…. That's a really awkward user experience. Can't figure out why people want that. Just press the Real numeric keys on your keyboard, even using the upper numeric row on my laptop is a good user expressions. Or buy one of these nice numeric keypad with USB. Plug it in and start dialing :-)


Wow - such vitriol directed against a little virtual keypad!  Here are some reasons why it such a keypad can be useful, aside from the current situation where the # key doesn't work:
1) As a novice Blink user, I was looking for the keypad function and couldn't find it. The GUI is quite simple, which is a plus, but it was not immediately clear to me that I could simply type the numbers on the keyboard. Having a virtual keypad that could pop up on demand does not preclude the ability to capture keyboard input, and I suspect other novice Blink users may appreciate having the option as well.
2) The virtual keypad could have the standardized letter 'mappings' visible on each key. (Please refer to http://www.quickiwiki.com/en/Telephone_keypad)  In North America many institutions will make use of this mapping.  For example, my brokerage house (Fidelity) requires me to type in an alphanumeric password using the DTMF keypad.  The letters ABC map to 2, DEF to 3, etc..
Regardless, of the above it doesn't sound like I'll be able to convince anybody into adding a virtual keypad.  Apparently the thought has struck a nerve or something!  Haha!


     I live in the US but I worked for a UK based firm for 20 years. During this time I discovered that what's patently obvious to some folks simply isn't to others. A PC is most typically connected to a keyboard, which means that you can input digits using the keyboard. A solution is at hand.

There a pro's and con's to adding such a soft keypad to the GUI. I think that it's more forward looking, that is, looking beyond the PSTN, to not add the keypad and prefer that there's a migration to using SIP URI over time.

BTW - did we ever resolve the SDP issue relating to the use of Opus in the Windows version?
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