[Blink] Bug with Barging

Bryan Miller bmill at socialserve.com
Mon Oct 28 22:20:37 CET 2013


In 2.1.0 users could barge a call (chan-spy in asterisk) and the call would not drop even after the person being barged ended the call. (It continues to barge while there is no call, allowing the person barging to continue monitoring the ext for calls made or calls that ring to that ext.) Our version of asterisk has not changed.

In 3.3.0, it kind of works. After the call has finished, it will drop the call after 30 seconds. Disabling the "Hangup On Timeout" option allows the call to continue barging. However, if you barge an ext that does not have an active call, it hangs up after 60 seconds, not the normal 30 seconds, in spite of the "Hangup On Timeout" being disabled. It only works if you barge a call that is active.

Can you make a code change so that Blink behaves the same as it did in 2.1.0 when there's no RTP data coming in?


Bryan Miller

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