[Blink] Importing contacts doesn´t work - latest version

Dan Pascu dan at ag-projects.com
Mon Oct 28 19:45:47 CET 2013

On 28 Oct 2013, at 14:38, Andreas Johansson wrote:

> Ok, we have not used any external tool.
> As I said, this has worked fine before. one of us makes the first list in blink - presses back-up and the pickle-file is created
> then we copy that file to each computer (to the blink-folder) and import. 
> We are about 20 people using blink and its important that everyone have the exakt same list.
> Is there any other way to spread a contactlist to multiple computers?

Yes there is. Blink will store contacts online in XCAP if the service is available for the SIP account(s) you use. I'm not sure what SIP provider you use. If you use SIP2SIP, the service is enabled and detected automatically. If you use some other SIP service, they may have it but it cannot be detected automatically so you can ask them if they have XCAP support and if so they can provide you with the XCAP root and you can add that to the account's configuration.

With this in place, contacts will be synchronized in real time between all Blink devices that use the same account and have XCAP either automatically detected or manually configured in (by setting the XCAP root).
This means when you add/change/remove a contact on a Blink instance, the change will be automatically reflected on all other Blink instances even if they are not online at the time the change happens.

This also requires that all said Blink instances must use the same SIP account, or at least have 1 common SIP account supporting XCAP that is used for synchronizing contacts.


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