[Blink] Segmentation Fault - Ubuntu 12.04

Saúl Ibarra Corretgé saul at ag-projects.com
Wed May 22 11:19:32 CEST 2013


On May 22, 2013, at 11:14 AM, Christoph Kuhr wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> I am new to SIP.
> I installed python-sipsimple and blink from the repository of the web page.
> http://projects.ag-projects.com/projects/documentation/wiki/Repositories
> When I try to run blink I get a segmentation fault.

There is a known issue with the libgcrypt version Ubuntu ships. Please install the libgcrypt11 package as follows:

apt-get install libgcrypt11

Then check that the installed version contains '+agp' in the name:

dpkg -l | grep libgcrypt

> I compiled PJSIP and installed it, but it had no effect.

You don't need to do that, it's bundled with python-sipsimple.

> I tried the github repo:
> https://github.com/grengojbo/python-sipsimple
> But I cannot install it with:
> sudo python setup.py install
> I receive the following error:
> Setting PortAudio revision to 1412
> error: build/temp.linux-x86_64-2.7/pjsip/third_party/portaudio/svn_externals: No such file or directory

That repository is not ours, don't use it as we are not the ones managing it.

> Can anyone give me some advice, how I can get it running?

Please install the package I mention above, that should solve it.


Saúl Ibarra Corretgé
AG Projects

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