[Blink] New Blink Qt release 0.4.0 for Windows

Emil Ivov emcho at jitsi.org
Fri Jun 28 22:08:32 CEST 2013

On 28.06.13, 21:45, Adrian Georgescu wrote:
> That is because even if OPUS codec can use internally 48KHz sample rate
> that covers most human audible spectrum, the softphone you have used
> employs a smaller sampling rate like 8 or 16kHz, which renders the OPUS
> codec advantages useless, so you cannot hear any difference compared
> with let's say G722. Unless the whole audio processing chain works at
> the codec speed speed, the codec performance will not be visible.

Interesting. I don't think I've ever come across a softphone that does 
such a thing. Do you have a specific implementation in mind? Is this the 
one that MCG was referring to?

MCG, picking a default bitrate is not a simple matter, which is why many 
implementations allow you to play with it. You may want to try this.

Some could potentially be adapting it based on RTCP feedback but I don't 
think any of the current Opus supporting applications do this.



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