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Naha, Jhumi (EXT-Other - GB/Fleet) jhumi.naha.ext at nsn.com
Tue Jun 4 11:16:12 CEST 2013

From: Naha, Jhumi (EXT-Other - GB/Fleet)
Sent: 04 June 2013 10:09
To: 'support at ag-projects.com'
Subject: Problems with using Blink

Hi there,

I have installed Blink version 0.3.1 on Windows 7, and although it installed successfully, I am unable to hear other users.

I seem to connect okay, and can hear a ringing tone, but when the other person tries to answer my call, they cannot hear me, and I cannot hear them.

I have attached a screenshot of the person I am calling.  (What does the blue and orange locks mean?)

Please advise what I can do next?


Jhumi Naha
+44 (0) 7787 560 675

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