[Blink] Call transfers in Blink Qt 0.2.7

Jeremy Hall jubilantjeremy at gmail.com
Thu Jan 5 12:06:24 CET 2012

.. The elephant in the room..? :)


I'm posting about call transfers in the current Win/Qt release of Blink (0.2.7). The small organisation (about 15 people) that I work for is completely 'sold' on Blink and we can't wait to get it deployed. Our organisation uses google apps and the contact list integration is an absolute winner. However, the lack of a call transfer feature is - for us, as an organisation - a real bummer.

Before going further I should point out that yes, I am absolutely aware that Blink is an open source and free bit of software.. If I knew the slightest bit about how to go about it I would be overjoyed to contribute myself (and if there were a 'Pro' windows version that I could buy that had the feature, I wouldn't hesitate). I also realise that it is relatively new, and that other features may be taking priority.

By posting here, what I'm hoping to accomplish is:

	1) To get an idea of whether this feature is on the roadmap, and how far away it might be
	2) To show that there are users who are keenly awaiting this feature!

I should also point out that I read a previous mailing list discussion on this topic and now realise that you can effect a kind of transfer by joining two calls in a conference, and then leaving the conference (by dialling another number, and then terminating that call?).

Great work on the software so far everyone!


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