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Nick o' las crystalburner at hotmail.com
Tue Sep 6 15:47:32 CEST 2011

I'm working in an internet cafe with Jitsi today - bluetooth switched off - my connection is awful remote desktop keep sticking and web pages are slow, but low and behold the calls are clear and without any delay - on a shit connection.
So - there appears to be something wrong here when I connect the BT - its a plantronics voyager pro (was expensive kit) - and works on my Acer! haha - you love that don't you,good old windows.
Anyway, whatever the problem is Blink delays and the delay is the sending of audio to the BT audio device, telephone doesn't have that same delay.
Up to you what you do with this information it's not my product, if it was i'd be asking for help to isolate that issue
Anyway moving on - i have a solution now, thanks.

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> You Said:
> Yes the problem is when the bluetooth is on, it interferes with the
> WiFi adapter; at least I think, I won't know until tomorrow when I run
> it for a day with the internal mic and speakers, however the delay
> shouldn't have been there, at least other clients broke up the call but
> didn't have a delay. Blink seemed to always have this delay even when
> it worked. 
> I Reply:
> Where do think that there's buffer to cause the kind of delay that
> you're seeing? The BT headset is a real-time link. A SIP client would
> have a jitter buffer, but it should be very short duration.
> Michael
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